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tq all

tq to everyone for wishing me happy bday and celebrating it wif me! thx...

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Donnie Yen, kungfu master~~ Compare the past and the present, funny~

This is a fight scene from SPL, Sha Po Lang~ A movie starring donnie yen during the 20th century~ 

and this is the latest movie of Donnie Yen, Ip Man... check it out for those who have not watch it~

OK! enjoy? now letz take a look at how donnie yen do breakdance during the 80's, its funny... haha

Not too bad huh? don't feel suprise, because during the 80's, hongkong movies are targetting to give a big laugh to the audiences, even donnie yen hv to act like a clown to entertain people... Ok, 1 more kungfu comedy, which is actually breakdance performed by donnie yen as well... 

Anyhow, i admire him as a kungfu master... he did pretty good in filming after the 90's, during tat time his films quality are improving, hes a fanatic of Bruce Lee too, when he was talking about Bruce Lee during an interview and the purpose of filming Ip Man is to commemorate Bruce Lee as the real ip man is the wingchun teacher of Bruce Lee, many ppl mistaken tat ip man taught all the martial arts thingy to Bruce Lee, but in fact ip man only teaches Bruce Lee wingchun, Bruce Lee did all the research by himself and explore other martial arts by competing with other people and did exploration on each of them, lastly invented a fighting method(but he claim tat it is not a style) with philosophies applied on it...

Back to donnie yen, next video i wanna show is also a fighting scene of donnie yen during the 90's, which is more interesting in the sense that a better choreography of fighting as compared to the 80's kungfu comedy,Wong Fei Hong, starring Jet Li, Donnie Yen act as a bad guy... take a look~

ok, this is the last video im gonna show u~ Can u imagine that a kungfu master can plays piano very well? donnie yen is a talented person, other than doing some martial arts, he also plays piano, lol~ he had archieved the piano highest grade, amazing huh? letz watch~

I believed he did a very good job on putting martial arts in filming, and how he make his interest become his career is as superb as Bruce Lee did... Well, this is the end of my post, thx for watching and reading~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ONG BAK 2~~ Tony Jaa

Last thursday, went to MV wif my fren, Bruce Lee... dun mistaken, his name is also Bruce, Bruce LHH... well, he and i are also fanatic to martial arts and real Bruce Lee, of coz... We went to watch ONG BAK 2, starring the great Muay Thai fighter, TONY JAA... he can do alot of fancy movements, letz take a look at the video clip....